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Pikiio is a superfast, efficient and simple way to ship packages across the US
Who are we
Our Story

After 50 years of combined experience in the air logistics & express shipping industries we came up with an innovative way for time - sensitive shipments, so we assembled  the perfect team for the mission.

Our Vision

Create a global express door-to-door hybrid delivery service to answer the need for on-demand time-sensitive deliveries with real-time tracking and exceptional customer experience 


We are constantly improving our technological solution to ensure the most efficient way of shipping in order to reduce costs for our customers and have best experience out there



Global express Airport-to-door hybrid delivery service, that answers the need for on-demand time-sensitive deliveries.


Instead of shipping your goods using  HUB stops to consolidate the shipments, we are utilising over 5000 domestic flights across the USA 


We offer our customers tailored solutions for their needs. we never have a single team member run hundreds of shipments so we are able to offer a boutique high-quality service.

How it works
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For a last-mile solution in the US please fill in your contact details and one of our team members will reach out!

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7 Menahem Begin St.   Ramat Gan 52521

Tel: +972-54-808-5553

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